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Wellbeing Te oranga

At Somerfield Te Kura Wairepo we recognise that for a student to be successful they must feel positive about themselves in all aspects of their being – social, emotional, academic and physical.

Wellbeing strategies are taught in all areas of the school through our circle time programme and positive school initiatives (see SMART values). Having an attachment to the class teacher is paramount in supporting our tamariki and their whanau. All students begin and end the day in their home space and the class teacher is the first point of call for parents who wish to discuss their child’s wellbeing and progress.

At Somerfield Te Kura Wairepo we are fortunate to have a very experienced learning support team who are able to support our students in their learning. The Deputy Principal / SENCO leads the Learning Support Team and coordinates support for students through outside agencies. In 2019 a total of 168 students received learning support through evidence based, targeted interventions.

Specialist teachers on our staff also facilitate accelerating student’s progress. These teachers have expertise in literacy and numeracy and work with individual students or small groups of students on targeted programmes. Class Teachers also identify students for home/school partnerships – this involves regular meetings with parents, setting goals and providing extra support that target identified areas of learning.

Another important support in ensuring the wellbeing of our students is our Pastoral Care Team. This team is made up of members of the school leadership team, Public Health Nurse, RTLB liaison, and at times a member from the School Based Mental Health Team, our Social Worker and Community Support worker and Mana Ake Team representative.

The Board of Trustees acknowledge and support the learning and wellbeing of our Tamariki and this ensures we are able to access many additional supports and interventions.