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Welcome to Tawai.  My name is Kellie Englefield and I am the Team Leader.  We are a motivated and passionate group of teachers and tamariki who believe that being able to identify our strengths will help us grow and support our learning in Year 3 and 4. Our team is made up of 3 Year 3 teachers and 3 Year 4 teachers. We value Circle Time when we come together as a whanau to share our experiences and solve problems together.

We acknowledge that all tamariki learn at different rates therefore we explicitly teach in small groups for reading, writing and maths. This allows all children to thrive and identify their next steps for learning.

Throughout the year we take part in Deep Learning tasks which teach tamariki to use their new learning and relate it  to real life experiences. Deep Learning provides the opportunity to think critically, collaborate, be creative, communicate and make a difference in our community.

Team Leader:  Kellie Engelfield

Information for parents:

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