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Our Values Uara

SMART at Somerfield Te Kura Wairepo

Our SMART values guide everything we do at Somerfield Te Kura Wairepo. Teachers actively teach these values through our wellbeing programme. This programme focuses on what character strengths can be developed in order to be the S, M, A, R, T in Smart. Through our Circle Time programme classes discuss what these character strengths look like and have the opportunity to practise them through role-play and then are reinforced in the regular class programme.

A bi-weekly SMART goal is set at our Assemblies – this is also around a character strength needed in order to be SMART.

Each term the class nominates a student as the class’ SMART student and certificates are presented at our SMART assembly (the last day of term). At our end of year assembly, a SMART award is presented to one girl and boy from each class. These SMART students have been identified, by the teachers, as having consistently demonstrated our SMART values throughout the year. Together with their SMARTs and Positive Education Character Strengths, your child will leave our school having had a foundation of future focused skills and values that will give them a solid basis for all future learning.

Wellbeing at Somerfield School