Our People Iwi

Our children are taught by hard working, passionate and committed teachers, who are well trained and focussed on the learning of every child. Our teachers work collaboratively in well resourced classrooms and are supported by a large learning support team focussed on individual needs.We are a large family whānau and it includes our administration staff and a caretaker who are all committed to our school and the children who come here. Somerfield School has several part-time teachers including Reading Recovery, Beginning Teacher release, ORS, Special Needs teachers and Learning Support teachers targeted to school achievement goals. The school has a focus on learning support and the DP undertakes this role. The DP is also the SENCO. The AP has responsibility for curriculum, achievement, assessment and behaviour management. Teachers are supported by a dedicated group of support staff which includes secretaries, office assistant, finance officer, caretaker and teacher aides.

Senior Leadership Team

Denise Torrey

Nicky Horne
Deputy Principal   

Kellie Englefield
Assistant Principal 

Waka Kotahi

Latiesha Egan
Space 10   

Gillian Cree
Space 11   

Jane Rutherford
Space 12   

Waka Mōkihi

Kim Radcliffe Price
Space 5   

Mary DeRoy
Space 6   

Karen Haines
Space 7   

Janet Davidson
Space 8   

Dave Harrison
Space 9   

Waka Kōpapa

Dan Versteeg
Space 13   

Natasha Todd
Space 14   

Sanchia Paterson
Space 15 

Rebecca Whitehead
Space 16   

Kirsten Kotoul
Space 18   

Julie Welbeloved
Space 17   

Waka Tētē

Danielle Thomson
Space 1   

Daniel Caigou
Space 1A   

Jane Brittenden
Space 2   

Meagan McKinney
Space 3   

Katie Jenkins
Space 3a   

Jacob Katsipis
Space 4   

Administration Staff

Julie Bassett

Candace Righton

Lisa Proudfoot

Part-time teaching Staff

Paulette Knowles
Waka Mōkihi  

Simone Squires Brown
Waka Kōpapa  

Gavin Stevenson
Waka Kōpapa  

Melissa Brown
Waka Tētē

Sam Bates

Support Staff

Anne Wilson

Paula Adam-Stace

Kerry Miller

Alex Alzatz-Thompson

Kelly Richardson

Tina Sjerps

Rhys Skinner

Greg Pateman

Fran Keenan