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The storm this week reminds us that we are still in winter and children need to be dressed appropriately for these southerly blasts. I know its a bit tricky especially when norwesters are predicted again later in the week. The key is for children to wear layers of clothes and always have their jackets. Please make sure everything is named.

Several events in the news have highlighted children’s safety. Firstly, children need to walk to school with an adult or in groups. This is more especially so for younger children who are less aware of traffic and unable to judge speeds. We can’t always rely on motorists to do the right thing! Walking in groups adds a layer of protection in case children are approached. Collectively children can support each other in knowing to do the right thing, by themselves they are more vulnerable.

Although we have less illness this term we still have the occasional spike in absences. It seems to be a mixture of severe colds, some tummy bugs and occasional flu. The Ministry of Health recommends a stand down from returning to work or school of 48 hours from the last incident of vomiting for extreme virus, such as norovirus, . This is also good policy with severe illness such as flu( as diagnosed by doctor).Please help us with this as it prevents the spread of any illnesses. Illness also affects teachers and there have been times that there has not been a reliever to be found in Christchurch so we have had to split classes. Sometimes more than one. We are reviewing our policy in line with updates from Ministries of Health and Education. But while we are battling tummy bugs please adhere to the 48 hour rule.

Thank you to those who attended Learning Journeys last night. The children were very keen to share their learning with you so it was great to have you along. If you were unable to attend please make a time to come along. Our teachers and children would love to discuss your child’s learning. Ring the school for an appointment or email your child’s teacher directly.

Congratulations to our netball and football team who were successful in Tuesdays zone tournament. They go onto the Central competition later in August.

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