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School Description

Location and Context

Somerfield School is situated at the base of the Cashmere Hills and is a contributing school. The grounds are park like with many historical trees. The grounds include well kept gardens and good quality playground equipment which includes three adventure playgrounds, and a fitness circuit. Extensive work has been carried out in landscape development in the past.

In 2010 a new hall was completed which incorporates teaching areas, staff workroom and an extensive kitchen for use by students. In 2009 and 2010 two classrooms were completed and are fully functional. Significant resources have been allocated to keeping the environment welcoming. Classrooms have been updated. Plans moving forward are to update our technology and redevelop the staffroom area to cater for our growing staff numbers.

General Information

Somerfield School is a Grade U5, state, co-educational school. The opening school roll for 2014 was 425 and is expected to reach a maximum of approximately 490 by the end of the year. The school presently operates 19 classrooms, which are divided into two syndicates, and five learning modules. Somerfield School has several part-time teachers; including Reading Recovery, Beginning Teacher release, ORS, Special Needs teachers and Learning Support teacher targeted to school achievement goals. The school has a focus on learning support and the DP in the Junior School undertakes this role. The DP’s role in the Senior School has responsibility for curriculum, achievement and behaviour management. Teachers are supported by a dedicated group of support staff which includes Secretary, Office assistant, Finance Officer, Caretaker and Teacher Aides. 

Somerfield School has a strong commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi and offers many programmes that reflect this. There is 14.65% Maori population and these students have first option to enter dedicated Te reo and kapahaka programmes. Seventy five students are withdrawn weekly to learn specialised Te Reo in 2012. The School has a large Kapahaka group from new entrants to Year 6. 

Significant resources are provided to support students in their learning at Somerfield School and to raise achievement. The last two years significant resources have been put into Middle Leader Professional Development to reduce variance in student’s outcomes across the school. Somerfield School operates a comprehensive professional development programme and teaching inquiry programme that looks at best practice. “ best practice comes from not handing resources to people it comes from teachers thinking differently about teaching and learning, having professional conversations about their practice, and carefully interpreting what they do”. (Hattie 2009)

There is a very clear focus of pastoral care at Somerfield School, focused on the needs of the Whānau and raising student achievement. 

The staff undertake ongoing school and personal professional development and 2010/2011 were focused on the Assess to Learn contract. For the last three years Staff have had on-going Maori Professional Development. The Curriculum has been reviewed in line with the latest pedagogy in the NZ Curriculum. Somerfield School operates an integrated curriculum with a focus on inquiry learning. Somerfield School has clear guidelines to the teaching and learning pedagogy.

The school is supported by an active PTA who fundraise to support the purchase of resources as well as playing a welcoming role within our school for new parents. 

The Board of Trustees has a positive relationship with the staff and wider community. They have undertaken professional development to enable them to govern the school effectively.

Community Report 2018-2019

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Julie Bassett,
Feb 25, 2019, 3:06 PM