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Meet the Principal

Welcome to Somerfield School in leafy Somerfield, the home of the “SMART Somerfield Kid”. Our expectation is to have children who are socially adept, motivated, articulate, resilient, thinkers. We have a well equipped school situated in park like grounds. Our children are taught by hard working, passionate and committed teachers, who are well trained and focussed on the learning of every child.  Our school works in partnership with our whānau to provide a holistic learning environment where we know children’s wellbeing must come first before they can learn. Our teachers work collaboratively in well resourced classrooms and are supported by a large learning support team focussed on individual needs. We are a large family, whānau and it includes our administration staff and a caretaker who are all committed to our school and the children who come here. Our whānau is also our Board of Trustees, PTA and you!

Our ethos of the SMART Somerfield Kid pervades all our work. We are an evidence based school and know that giving children learning experiences in a culturally responsive environment, focussed on wellbeing, individual needs and providing a rich curriculum with authentic learning experiences in all learning areas raises student achievement. Our children get opportunities to participate in a wide variety of activities outside the classroom including sport, choirs and kapahaka.

Somerfield is part of a cluster of schools who work together on two major projects. These schools are Cashmere, Thorrington, Addington, Sacred Heart, West Spreydon and South Intermediate. We also work at times with Cashmere High School. Our national project is  “Maori Achievement Collaboratives (MAC)” where we work together to support each other in improving our programmes for Maori students and engaging with whānau. The other is an international project called “New Pedagogies for Deep Learning” which requires us to work with schools across the world developing powerful models of teaching and learning, supported by digital tools but with a focus on learning that is focused on creating and “doing”.

Last year our them was “Celebrating Success” and celebrate we did. There were a wide variety of cultural, academic and sporting successes as part of that celebration. We also had a highly successful ERO review   ( http://www.ero.govt.nz/review-reports/somerfield-school-27-06-2017/ and a story published about our work. http://www.ero.govt.nz/publications/teaching-approaches-and-strategies-that-work/using-inquiry-in-a-relentless-drive-to-improve-outcomes-for-all-children/

 This year is an exciting one for us. Our theme is ‘ Positively SMART’ as we move into our redeveloped buildings and plan our next phase of development. We are going to be resilient in the face of change and have a positive outlook on all we do. We are excited to be able to continue our work on developing a broad based curriculum ensuring our children have the skills they need across many learning areas not just reading, writing, and mathematics. This is something we have worked hard at over the last nine years while trying not to get highjacked by the then government’s narrow focus on National Standards. Somerfield Te Kura Wairepo is an evidence based school and the evidence had told us that to prepare the children for the future they were going to have to have SMART skills, reading writing and mathematics but not at the expense pf the arts, technology and the sciences. We are proud of our work, our children, staff, our Board of Trustees , PTA and school community so welcome to Somerfield Te Kura Wairepo.

Denise Torrey



u Is supported by recent research into the way the children learn best

u Caters for individual needs more effectively and encourages greater child engagement

u Effectively uses teachers strengths and facilitates ongoing teacher professional development

u Prepares students for the 21st Century workplace where workers need to work in diverse teams

 Collaboration supports our SMART vision and links to the Key Competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum.