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Kapahaka Registration Form - AMI Stadium Sun 28/8

In Team 4 our students have been learning about using persuasive language in writing. Room 3 choose to try and persuade Ms Torrey to rethink house shirt Fridays. Have a read and click here to see her response

Why we should wear our house shirts every Friday

Dear Ms Torrey,

Is our current system for house shirts the best system? We would like you to think about allowing the Somerfield kids to wear their house shirts every Friday instead of every second Friday. As you will see there are many good reasons why wearing our house shirt every Friday is a good idea. In Room 3, we think it’s a great idea and we hope you will consider changing the rules.

If we could wear our house shirts every Friday it would be a lot easier to remember each week. Firstly, nobody would need to remind us as we would just wear it every Friday. Our teachers do a good job of reminding us, but sometimes they forget because they’re so busy with other things. It will be easier for the teachers because they won’t have to remind us every second Thursday. Also, recently people have been forgetting to wear them when they should wear them and on the Fridays we aren’t suppose to wear them, people wear them anyway. This adds to the confusion and sometimes we don’t know if we are right or wrong. No one will forget if it is house shirt Friday every Friday.

If we could wear our house shirts every Friday it would be better use for the money our parents invested into them. Our house shirts cost $15 each and if we only wear them about 20 times a year, that means that it costs 75 cents per time we wear them! Also, at the rate that we grow we may have to go through two or three tops in our time at Primary School - that makes it up to triple the price! If every person in the school bought a house shirt, the school will be getting $7275 every 2 years (if it takes 2 years to grow out of your shirt). That makes it cost parents $181.88 each time we wear them under the current system. Wouldn't you agree Ms Torrey if our parents spend all this money on our house shirts, that it would be better spent if we wore it each week?

If we could wear our house shirts every Friday we would be showing much more house spirit. It will be easier to learn who is in our house group and work together to earn more house points for our house. The teachers will also learn which house we are in much easier than trying to have to remember from the last Friday. They’ll be able to give out more house points if we work together well! It would also be a lot more intense when we are playing sports on Fridays. Imagine lunchtime football on the senior field if we could make the teams house teams. Also, if it was every Friday then every kid might get one so there wouldn’t be as many people being the odd one out. Instead, everybody will be supporting their house with pride.

If we could wear our house shirts every Friday it is eye catching and good advertising for our school while we’re out and about in the community. Since it is eye catching more parents would notice us playing in the playground or going to school so Somerfield School might get new enrollments to the school and then that leads to more equipment for the school. That means that we can add even more exciting things at our school. Also, most of our field trips will be on Fridays and we’ll be much easier to notice or stand out from the crowd in our bright colours.

If we could wear our house shirts every Friday it would be far easier to group students for activities like sport that we usually do on Fridays. The teachers would not have to worry about putting us into groups because we can do it with our house t-shirts. We would know who is in our house group because we would be wearing our house t-shirts. For example, if we play hockey it would be easier to split into teams. The teacher would only have to say “Opawaho and Tamatea vs Rapaki and Harakeke.” We wouldn’t need to waste time getting the bibs from the PE shed. If there was an activity where kids split into groups and do a certain subject or game the teachers could just say “Harakeke is doing this, Tamatea is doing that…” and so on. For team tasks it would be a lot easier than picking teams and it would mean more time to do whatever you are doing.

As you can see changing the rules will have a lot of positive results for the school, kids and parents. It’ll be easier to remember, it will be better use of money, we will show more house spirit, our school will be better known and it will be easier for group events that happen on Fridays. We hope you will consider our recommendation.

Yours Sincerely,

Room 3
Somerfield School

Horncastle Choir - year 5 and 6 

The year 5 and 6 choir is now formed and up and running. Please click on the School Choir 
link and look at the Horncastle Choir page for updates and an on-line link to the music 
so that you can practise the songs at home.

Julie Bassett,
May 23, 2016, 2:11 PM